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Buying a New Home

The first step in buying a home is making the decision to do so. The most important part of the decision making process is to understand why you want to move. Make a list of wants and needs that will act as a road map to keep you on track through the twists and turns.

Connect with Professionals That You Trust

Once you know where you want to move, and have established a list of wants and needs, the first thing to do is to get acquainted with a realtor that you trust (me), who will put your interests ahead of their own.

I will be able to educate you about the local market and cut through all the noise and mis-information you’ll find online. Next, get pre-approved by a mortgage specialist (which I can refer you to).

Without this, you could be looking at stuff you can’t afford, which will make the stuff you can afford look much less desirable.


Finding Your Home

Understand that buying a home, unlike most things in life, is a process of elimination, rather than selection. When buying a car for example, you can select the make, the model, the color, and just about every feature you want, as long as it fits into your budget.

When buying a house though, you’re limited to whatever is available at the time. That’s why people often say “I spent more time searching for a tool set than I did looking for a house”. As long as you have your “why” set firmly in your mind, you’ll know which house is for you minutes after you’ve walked through the front door.

Focus on the Things You Can’t Change

Because your options will almost certainly be limited, there are only 3 things that you should key in on when searching for a home…location, lot size and features, and square footage/floor plan. The first 2 of these can never be changed, and the last one can rarely be altered without spending 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars.

You may find you’ll regret buying a house that’s too small for you just because it has granite countertops and shiny floors, but if the size and floor plan work, you can always add those things later.

Things such as paint colors, fences, floors, kitchen finishes etc. can always be changed or added later, don’t let them cloud your judgement or cause you to ignore the big 3 and find yourself calling me in a few years to start the process all over again.

Making an Offer

Here’s where the heartbeat speeds up and the nerves start to rattle a little. Not only are the stakes monumental, but the process itself can seem confusing and overwhelming. Good news is, while the emotional part of the equation is inevitable, the details and the paperwork side of it are much simpler than people believe.

In fact, it is extremely simple, and when you think about it, with thousands of transactions taking place all over the country every day, they need to be, in order to keep things moving.

As long as you have a good realtor working on your behalf, the only thing you need to concern yourself with, is knowing that you want to live there, and knowing what the max you’re willing to pay is…which I will help you with.

I Bought a House! Now What?

Congratulations, you’ve bought a new house! Amid all the excitement, there is still some work to do as closing day approaches.

Here is your to do list!

  • My office will send all of the required paperwork to your lawyer. You’re welcome to call the lawyer to touch base if you wish, otherwise, they will contact you as the closing date approaches. You’ll likely be asked to visit your lawyer’s office to sign all documents approximately 3 – 5 days prior to closing.
  • Notify mortgage and insurance companies to arrange both for your new home.
  • Arrange utilities and services to your new home to commence on the possession date, such as: gas, hydro, water & property taxes (you’ll need to call the township office), phone, cable/satellite, internet.
  • Change address with MTO.
  • To obtain your mail box key and number, visit the local post office with proof of ownership of your new residence (a copy of the offer is sufficient). They will issue you a new key and notify you of the location of the box, free of charge. 
  • Set up mail forwarding service with post office. You should do this for at least 6 months or even up to a year.
  • Notify children’s school.
  • Arrange movers.
  • If you’re buying a house with an oil tank, the seller will have it filled prior to closing. You’ll then need to pay the seller for a full tank on closing. This is all done via the lawyer in the adjustments.
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  • Ted Tesseris is extremely professional and is always looking out for what is in his clients best interest. We were thrilled that Ted was able to sell our home in just two days. Thank you Ted for being the best you can be in your profession and for always providing 100% for your clients. - Darrin & Fausta Payne
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